Selected Performances

ScgPlrAoaCuiEdnA/V performance with quadraphonic sound. Multiple presentations. 2017.

Live audio/visual performance with 4-channel surround sound. First presented on May 26, 2017.


LoSo, quadraphonic sound performance. Multiple presentations. 2016.

Electroacoustic work composed specifically for 4 channel speaker systems. A stereo version of the piece will appear on the Sympathy Limited release Xi.


Nothing, sound and dance performance with Butoh artist Gadu. Multiple presentations. 2016.

Nothing is not anything; something that does not exist; someone or something of no value or size; nothingness; nonexistence; absence of quantity; void; zero. In the instance of this performance, nothing could refer to an absence of suggested meaning.

Chêne. Life Changing Ministries, Oakland, CA. 2015

10 minute electroacoustic composition exhibiting a focus in spectromorphological transformation techniques.

Untitled, Sound and video performance. The White Page Gallery, Minneapolis, MN. 2015.

A sound and video composition based on Stockhausen's moment form technique. Generally speaking, the composition is comprised of a series of "moments" or in Stockhausen's terminology, any "formal unit in a particular composition that is recognizable by a personal and unmistakable character."