Selected Performances

ScgPlrAoaCuiEdnA/V performance with quadraphonic sound. Multiple presentations. 2017.

A live audiovisual performance utilizing real-time sound synthesis methods and audio processing. The sound component incorporates elements of algorithmic composition (stochastic processes) and pointillistic sound generation (granular synthesis and pulsar synthesis). The visual component uses amateur shot footage of raves dating from 1993-2014 as source material. These videos are then edited, processed, and collaged to create a piece that exhibits a play of color, texture, shape, and movement.. First presented on May 26, 2017.


LoSo, quadraphonic sound performance. Multiple presentations. 2016.

Electroacoustic work composed specifically for 4 channel speaker systems. A stereo version of the piece will appear on the Sympathy Limited release Xi.


Nothing, sound with movement from Butoh artist Gadu. Multiple presentations. 2016.

Nothing is not anything; something that does not exist; someone or something of no value or size; nothingness; nonexistence; absence of quantity; void; zero. In the instance of this performance, nothing could refer to an absence of suggested meaning. Originally commisioned by the Cedar Cultural Center.

Chêne. Life Changing Ministries, Oakland, CA. 2015

10 minute electroacoustic composition exhibiting a focus in spectromorphological transformation techniques.

Untitled, Sound and video performance. The White Page Gallery, Minneapolis, MN. 2015.

A sound and video composition based on Stockhausen's moment form technique. Generally speaking, the composition is comprised of a series of "moments" or in Stockhausen's terminology, any "formal unit in a particular composition that is recognizable by a personal and unmistakable character."