Selected Recordings

Typing (non-standard synthesis version) (2019), AA
AA Volume 4
Book and LP, edition of 500

Sonification of sheet music for the Land_AA project. Thanks to Peter Happel Christian and Phillip Andrew Lewis


Xi (2016), Sympathy Limited
Cassette, edition of 100

Nine compositions created between 2015-2016. Influenced equally by the brutal digital synthesis methods of Florian Hecker and the masterful electroacoustic work of the Groupe de Recherches Musicales (GRM). Xi 's pointillistic convolutions deploy a disorienting array of sharp glisson synthesis, granular disfigurement, droning FM tones, and arabesque pulsar synthesis.


Phrome (2016), Nada
nada 19
CDr, edition of 100

2016 release from Michael M. Flora. 22 objects developed through spatial and temporal deconstruction. Created between 2014-2015 documenting both generative and improvised processes for computer.

PlayBuf (2015)

A miniature created at the 2015 SuperCollider Summer Workshop hosted by the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics, Stanford University.

Cardboard City (2014), Ripples Recordings
nada 16/ RPL017
c30, edition of 25

Special collaboration between Nada and Ripples Recordings. Presenting new computer based compositions from .mf. Limited edition cassette features 2 additional tracks not found on digital version.