Michael Masaru Flora

born in 1981, Mission Viejo, California

lives and works in Minneapolis, Minnesota



Pete Driessen's "Trestle Support Systems," Brainerd, MN. 2017

"Illusion," Casket Arts, Minneapolis, MN. 2016

"出現 ", Tuck Under Projects, Minneapolis, MN. 2015

"Chord Study", CCRMA, Stanford University, CA. 2015

"Aves," Grain Belt Keg House, Minneapolis, MN. 2015

"SOCS," Grain Belt Keg House, Minneapolis, MN. 2014



A/V performance. Studio Z, St Paul, MN. 2018

A/V performance. la lumière, Montreal, QC. 2017

Quadraphonic performance. D.A.D.S. Chicago, IL. 2017

Boku (w/movement by Gadu Doushin). The Southern Theater. Minneapolis, MN. 2017  

A/V quadraphonic performance. Studio Z, St Paul, MN. 2017

A/V performance. Gamut Gallery, Minneapolis, MN. 2016

Entropic Journies of the soul (w/choreography by Lela Pierce). Pillsbury Theatre, Minneapolis, MN. 2016

Studio Z, St Paul, MN. 2016

Nothing (w/movement by Gadu Doushin). St Cloud State University. St Cloud, MN. 2016  

Gallery 1412, Portland, OR. 2016

Eagles Club, Minneapolis, MN. 2016

Quadraphonic performance. LoSo. Space, St Paul, MN. 2016

Nothing (w/movement by Gadu Doushin). Cedar Cultural Center. Minneapolis, MN. 2016

paraPhon. Minneapolis, MN. 2015

Life Changing Ministries. Oakland, CA. 2015

Untitled (with choreography by Deborah Jinza Thayer). California Building. Minneapolis, MN. 2015 

A/V performance. The White Page, Minneapolis, MN. 2015

Espirtus. 801 Washington Lofts, Minneapolis, MN. 2014

Eagles Club, Minneapolis, MN. 2014

Open Eye Figure Theatre, Minneapolis, MN. 2014

Tundra Haus, Minneapolis, MN. 2014

Seward Cafe, Minneapolis, MN. 2014

Madame of the Arts, Minneapolis, MN. 2014

House of Love. Minneapolis, MN. 2013

KMSU, Mankato, MN. 2013

International Noise Conference, Minneapolis, MN., 2013

Madame of the Arts, Minneapolis, MN. 2013

The Cave, San Francisco, CA. 2012

Chillanova, Davis, CA. 2012

Madame of the Arts, Minneapolis, MN. 2012

Boombox, Portland, OR. 2012

Space Hut, Oakland, CA. 2009

The Cave, San Francisco, CA. 2009

Melting Point Gallery, San Francisco, CA. 2006

Club 247, San Francisco, CA. 2006

Blue Cube, San Francisco, CA. 2005



Michael Flora "Xi" (SYM08, cassette, 2016)

Michael M. Flora "phrome" (nada19, CDr, 2016)

Michael Masaru Flora "PlayBuf" (digital, 2015)

Michael Masaru Flora "Chêne" (digital, 2015)

.mf "Cardboard City" (nada 16/ RPL017, cassette/digital, 2014)

.mf "Throwing Shapes" (nada12, CDr, 2013)



Nada. 2011-present. A platform for the promotion of the sonic arts through recordings/events/happenings/radio.



"What's the Deal with Computer Music?" KFAI, Minneapolis, MN. 2017

"Nada Mix" Podcast. 2014-2016

"Free Form Freakout Podcast 15," FFFoxy Podcast. Mankato, MN. 2013

"Outer Limits," KUSF. San Francisco, CA. 2007



“Typing,” Audio Recording. AA, Godfre Leung. 2018

“Boku,” Music Performance. Gadu. 2017

"Trestle Support Systems," Sound Installation. Pete Driessen. 2017

“Entropic Journies of the soul,” Music Performance. Lela Pierce. 2016

“Nothing,” Music Performance. 416 Commissions. 2016

Project Luna Brava Artist Residency. Pepin, WI. 2015



Studied Hindustani Classical Music with Pandit Shivnath Mishra in Benares. 2010

BA in Media Arts. San Francisco State University. 2006