Michael Flora is a Minneapolis based composer and sound artist. His interest is in the exploration of sound via research and artistic practice. Through performance, installation, and recording he creates pieces that examine sonic morphology, spatialization, and human perception.

contact: masarurasam at gmail dot com


What people are saying:

“…very visceral sounds.”

Numerous visitors perceived modulation of speech due to the frequencies present in "Trestle"

"Sounds nasty!" - a startled observer

"Sounds like a modem connecting in slow motion." - review of Throwing Shapes CD

“...one of the most radical voices of formal abstraction in contemporary American computer music.” - computer musician, Robert Francis

"Flora’s microscopic panoply of highly refined electronics alternately lulls and scrambles your neurons with an unpredictable attack similar to that of Ryoji Ikeda and some of the more rarefied output on the Raster-Noton and Mille Plateaux labels." - Dave Segal, The Seattle Stranger